Personal AI Manifesto

Every human should have equal opportunity to access and utilize their own personal AI system.

All data provided by an individual user to any Artificial Intelligence system is, and will remain, the property of the individual providing the data.  The data can be stored on the cloud or locally on the individual users computational device, however, it remains the property of, and only the property of, the individual providing the data.

All results in training the AI are, and will remain, the property of the individual providing the data.  The results can be stored on the cloud or locally on the individual users computational device, however, they remain the property of, and only the property of, the individual providing the data that generated the results.

March 1, 2019

Robert D. Elliott

Indianapolis, IN USA


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On Senator Tim Scott’s Message to the GOP Base

Interesting column by Eugene Robinson

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AZ “Audit” is a complete Clown Show

Unbelievable – typical tRumpian incompetence – they have no clue what they are doing? how can these “auditors” be trusted? Did the swear an oath? Are they being independently monitored? Will they be prosecuted if they taint the results? And the real Republicans are exposing all of their incompetence.

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Ted Cruz’s Duplicity Exposed

Truth – “Claims that it (voter fraud) is real or a subject of concern for senators considering a presidential election should, in fact, not be taken seriously.” Correct – it’s miniscule and statistically equivalent to Zero – Zilch – Nada.

Here’s the exposing (Yes, it’s the NY Times, but it contains the video – watch for yourself):

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Recommended Listening

Did Barr lie to Congress about the Mueller Report? Will he be prosecuted?

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Truth Commission vs Prosecutions?

Continue reading

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There will be a Reckoning

Today’s GOP is doing everything imaginable to avoid a reckoning of the former guys Presidency and his potentially illegal actions, particularly those related to the post-2020 election, including his perpetration of the Big Lie and potential criminal liability related to the Georgia phone call and the January 6th Insurrection.

Now, they can do two things – the wrong thing – keep pretending as if there will be no substantive reckoning and continue to dodge, weave and hide to avoid accountability and face a dismal future as a permanently ostracized and declining minority status party.

Or two, they can do the right thing – attempt to remain relevant and useful to the nation, and perhaps, win an election or two in the future.

As Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney said so appropriately, ““There has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution,”.

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An old friend posited on a Facebook post that I should be up in arms regarding the current situation at the US-Mexico border under new President Biden’s leadership.

Before I address anything to do with President Biden’s leadership, I believe it is important to highlight, again, the fundamental crisis of our nation – which is not the border or immigration situation.

That crisis is the attack on our nation on January 6th and the failure of the Republican Party to acknowledge that fact, to address their role and the role of the former President and many others in the event and the events leading up to this attack. And an acknowledgement by the supposed “law and order” party that all culpable parties, whether attackers or conspirators, need to be brought to justice.

They appear to act as if the events leading up to and culminated on January 6th never happened, that the former President, and many members of his party and right wing media, bear no responsibility for the events of that day.

That the former President wasn’t engaged in a deliberate attempt to steal an election he lost badly.

It appears to me that nothing could be further from the truth.

But all should be calling for a thorough and public accounting of the facts – I don’t see that happening and that’s a crisis.

Many on the right are attempting to move on; to treat the former guy as just another former President, to sharply criticize the current President who is clearly having to grapple with a host of crisis left by the deeply failed leadership and tragic incompetence of the former President and Administration- and generally doing an excellent job in my view.

People are wanting to engage in in a business as usual comparison between the current and former President.

As if the former President is not under a deep and dark cloud of suspicion regarding the possible criminality of many of his actions over the last four years and particularly in relation to the events after Election Day through the events of January 6th.

There is no equivalency to even ponder. On one side is a man who demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt he:
⁃ disabused a large percentage of his nation’s people, and many people of the world, in fact.
⁃ held no respect for the truth
⁃ held no respect for democracy and democratic processes and norms
⁃ Used whatever means he felt, moral or immoral, legal or illegal, democratic or undemocratic, to achieve aims that he felt benefited himself the most (e.g. his corruption of the emollients clause); regardless of the negative impact on the nation

On the other side is a man who, although a flawed human like all of us, has demonstrated the opposite of all these characteristics and is clearly focused on his job as a public servant.

Policies can be debated, disagreements discussed, compromises made between people of goodwill and good character. In the current President we have a leader of goodwill. Nothing can be done with a man who lacks good character and all sense of decency – a man like that deserves only to be pitched onto the ash heap of history.

Thankfully 81 million Americans recognized and acted on this imperative.

May all necessary investigations proceed apace and let the chips fall where they may regarding January 6th. May the Republican Party come to terms with their culpability and purge those among their ranks who failed their oath so dramatically post Election.

Then we can discuss policies and performance – not before this reckoning has even begun.

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Public Opinion of the Impeachment Trial Vote

Eighty-eight percent of Democrats believe Trump should have been convicted, while 64 percent of independents and just 14 percent of Republicans agree.

88% of Democrats believe Trump should have been convicted, while 64% of independents and just 14% of Republicans agree.

Should Republicans be concerned with the 50 percentage point gap to independents?

Imho, this how extreme and isolated their position is versus Dems who are only 24 points from independents. From this you can clearly conclude that the middle, the large silent of majority of the electorate, was clearly behind conviction, yet few GOP Senators and fewer Reps were moved by this majority position (at least publicly – we have many, many ancedotes they felt he was guilty but wouldn’t go on the record).

Interesting that the few GOP Reps and Senators that voted their conscience have faced more consequences from their party, via these insane state “censures”, than have the guy in who’s name the mob carried out their rampage.

Also interesting that during the attack on the Capitol, it appears certain that the President wasn’t actively working to halt the attack – no Situation-room type activity has been revealed; only damning phone calls with McCarthy and Tuberville. And that it was a team put together by the Vice President that Situation-room the response and activation of the National Guard.

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Worst Speech in Human History

tRump’s speech to his “Stop The Steal” soon-to-be insurrectionists needs to recorded for posterity because it has to be the worst speech ever given by a nation’s leader in all of human history.

That a nation has enough people to elect a person so deranged, so unhinged, that is capable of spewing this much absolute hogwash and lies is as much a condemnation on the nation and his voters as it is on him.

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donald j tRump’s Insurrection and Coup Attempt Explained

Factors that led to the Insurrection & Coup Attempt:

  1. Disrespect for Article III – Judicial Branch

Despite the GOP’s recent obsession over the role of the courts and their constant manuevering to place as many of their Judicial picks as possible, when it came to the 2020 Presidential Election process, djt, his lawyers and his Congressional sycophants all showed a complete disrespect for the Judicial’s role in the formal election process and this is one of the key factors that led to the djt Insurrection and Coup Attempt.

The rulings of the Judicial branch on election complaints and cases brought to them before and after the election are a key component of the official election process that must be respected and honored. These are the decisions that ensure no US election is “rigged”.

Rulings on cases before the election establish the rules of the road for election day.  State and local election officials finalize all the minutea of their election day processes based on this decisions, as well as issue official election communications to the citizens.  These include things like who’s allowed to vote, what verification is needed, how are absentee ballots utilized, when must ballots be received, what ballots will be, or not be, counted, etc.  The American people, in their role as voters, depend upon these official communications when making their election decisions – e.g. if they’ll vote, where they’ll vote or how they’ll vote, who are the candidates, etc.?

Their is a hard limit to how many cases can play out – the election day minus any prep time needed by election officials – if you can’t make your case within the time limits prior to election day, you lose and you must respect the courts role and it’s decisions.

These pre-election cases played out as usual in 2020; the rules of the election road were established like always and the state and local governments, election officials and American people all conducted the election appropriately, legally and properly based upon any rulings made.

The same is true of post-election cases – the courts have a role, their decisions must be respected and their is a fixed time-limit.  The time-limit is what’s called “Safe Harbor Day”, December 8th, when States certify their election results.  That’s it!  If you haven’t made your case and gotten a favorable ruling prior to Safe Harbor Day, you lose your case, the State certifies and the results of the election are final and known.  This fact must be respected and is fundamental to our democratic process.

Because one side or the other doesn’t like some of the decisions, it is always wrong to then say the election is “rigged”.  This is a flat out lie.  The courts have ruled, we respect the role of co-equal judicial branch in our government, and we play respectfully by the rules and limits the Article III branch creates.  Period, full stop.

That sitting US Senators and House Representatives were completely dismissive of these facts of our democracy was absoluting stunning and terrifying.  They should have been defending our democratic process.  They should have been explaining the process to their consitutents. They should have been acknowledging that, based on our “Unrigged” election and the rules of the road established through law and our Courts, that djt lost the election and Biden won.  And that was that.

Instead, they fed wild and completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theories (good for a few billion $ lawsuits, Rudy) and outright lies.  And, along with the ranting of the Big Loser and his D-league lawyers, this was a key factor in what led so many misinformed and misguided people to conduct the terrible Jan 6th Insurrection and Coup attempt.  The election was officially over on Dec 8th (Safe Harbor Day).  Everyone should have respected that fact, conceded their loss, congratulated the winner and began the orderly transition of the Executive Branch.

Only people seditious or traitorous to the Constitution of the United States do otherwise.


Other items I’ll be examining:

  • Thousands of sworn GOP Election officials substantiated the non-rigged election and the official results, yet they are ignored, dismissed and in the case of Georgia GOP officials, a blatant attempt at coercion is made.
  • Never any Court remedy that would have changed the election results
  • Arizona – 33k late registrations – still Americans, right to vote, we WANT participation
  • Violence was obvious – Trump had been inciting since BEFORE the election
  • Par for the course – stoke racial divisions, party divisions – never a President to the whole nation – nothing but disrespect and insults to people with simply a different view of the role of government in certain situations…


Trump rightly should have:

  • Resign – if he had any decency (like Nixon) – made it about him, not the nation.
  • 25th Amendment
  • 14th Amendment – Traitor, like Civil War traitors
  • Impeachment, Trail, Conviction and Removal

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