Sebastian Vettel: “We might have the best car, I don’t know…”

Vettel is absolutely correct; they very well may have the best car! They’re history says they will and there’s every reason to believe things will be sorted come Melbourne.

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Sebastian Vettel remains confident that the Red Bull RB10 will improve despite ongoing problems for his team in Bahrain today.

Vettel stopped on circuit after an issue with the rear brakes locked the rear wheels, and a minor fire ensued. The team insisted that issues had been addressed since Jerez, and that a new problem cropped up today.

“Obviously we’re not happy with where we are right now, but we’ve still got a long way ahead of us,” said Vettel. “It’s fairly difficult to judge where we are. I haven’t had much of the car yet. The first gut feel is OK, but surely we need more running to judge the car, to judge reliability, to judge general performance.

“It’s not easy to find a quick fix, but I think we understand the problems. As I said it’s not that easy to find the solution for the problems we found…

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One Response to Sebastian Vettel: “We might have the best car, I don’t know…”

  1. Well, based on Riccardo’s Aussie GP Qualifying performance, Vettel’s words are starting to sound maybe prophetic for the rest of the year. Clearly, the car is fast over a single lap. If they can translate on race day, then they could have the best car over the course of the season. And we know what Vettel can do with the best car; make the year boring for the rest of us……

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