Thou shall not kill

What the world needs now is a new ethical standard. Let’s start with “Thou shall not kill”. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone and every nation the world over took that one to heart; like the probably 80 or 90% of the worlds’ people that already do? Oh, right, some will say; “that’s an old ethic, of course it’s outdated for today….”.  I think the opposite is true.

Regardless of where the ethic originates, let’s take a page from John Lennon and try to imagine a world where everyone works unbelievably hard to live by that ethic. What a different world it would be.  No doubt, that imagined world is the one we’re “supposed” to be living in. Regardless of the hurdles, why don’t we work to make it a reality.  Instead of guns that kill, how about police and armies use powerful stun gun or similar technology to render criminals or enemies incapable of movement for a period of time, but doesn’t kill them.


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Location: Indiana, USA Age: 40-something Education: B.S. Engineering, Purdue University, MBA, Indiana University
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