ISIS, Syria, Iraq & the Middle East – How will it ever end?

Read another horrifying story today of ISIS brutality, this time against Yazidi’s.  Simply rounding up and murdering all the men older than 10.  TEN!  Then taking all the younger women (don’t know exact ages, don’t think it matters) and giving them out as sex slaves to ISIS fighters.  Story of 19-yr old given to 70-year old man here:

I wondering how this horror is likely to come to an end anytime in the foreseeable future. How is it going to be stopped? I don’t see how the US air-strike coalition is going to end it. The Iraqi army can’t seem to accomplish anything against ISIS, even though I’d think the Iraq Army outnumbers and outguns ISIS. Doesn’t the Iraq army have a few hundred M1A1 tanks, hundreds of Bradley’s, all types of long-range artillery and rockets? With us and the coalition as their overwhelming air-force, why is a fight against a few tanks, a few armored pc’s, technical pickups, rpg’s and infantry that difficult? I just don’t get it. And that’s Iraq, where it should be do-able, but it’s not.

Syria is a whole other mess that doesn’t appear to have any solutions. Assad vs ISIS vs Al-Nusra vs Free Syrian Army vs this tribe vs that tribe vs US Coalition. How will this ever end? The only really feasible way I see it ending is if NATO, with Turkey in the lead, allied with this Free Syrian Army (in a support role) goes into Syria full-force and wipes out any who stand against it, including ISIS, Al-Nusra, & Assad. Then the UN can figure out how to transitionally govern the place. Is this going to happen? I doubt it. So, it’ll go on and on and on and on. A shame that Russia can’t play a constructive role in getting Assad out and working with UN to create a new, representative government the whole world can support and then together wipe out ISIS and the other terrorist, but, although it’s in everyone’s interest, I don’t see it happening. Ever.

Despair and the terrible plight goes on for all under ISIS’s terror.


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