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Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Poll

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Caterham withdrawal stopped surprise Barrichello comeback

It was a real shame that Williams didn’t inform Rubens he wouldn’t be resigned prior to the 2011 Brazilian GP so he could have had a proper home goodbye. I don’t think driving a Caterham around 4 secs a lap off the leaders would suit Rubens legacy, as he was always one of the top, fast drivers and it just wouldn’t be becoming for him to have done this, in my opinion. I’m glad it didn’t happen. Now, if we could just get Rubens back in an Indycar, that’d be nice.

Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

Caterham’s failure to make it to Austin ended the possibility of a surprise comeback for Rubens Barrichello.

The 42-year-old has made no secret of the fact that he would like to race an F1 car again, and has always been frustrated that he did not have a proper farewell race at his home event. Since his last F1 race he has remained active in Brazilian stock cars and karting.

Encouraged by support from the Brazilian GP promoter Colin Kolles had been working for several months to put together a deal that would have seen Rubens replacing Kamui Kobayashi for the last three Grands Prix of the season.

“We would have run Barrichello in the last three races,” a team source told this writer. “We had sponsorship for this, and everything was going the right way. It would have been fantastic for F1.”

Speaking exclusively about the plan, Rubens told this…

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ISIS, Syria, Iraq & the Middle East – How will it ever end?

Read another horrifying story today of ISIS brutality, this time against Yazidi’s.  Simply rounding up and murdering all the men older than 10.  TEN!  Then taking all the younger women (don’t know exact ages, don’t think it matters) and giving them out as sex slaves to ISIS fighters.  Story of 19-yr old given to 70-year old man here:


I wondering how this horror is likely to come to an end anytime in the foreseeable future. How is it going to be stopped? I don’t see how the US air-strike coalition is going to end it. The Iraqi army can’t seem to accomplish anything against ISIS, even though I’d think the Iraq Army outnumbers and outguns ISIS. Doesn’t the Iraq army have a few hundred M1A1 tanks, hundreds of Bradley’s, all types of long-range artillery and rockets? With us and the coalition as their overwhelming air-force, why is a fight against a few tanks, a few armored pc’s, technical pickups, rpg’s and infantry that difficult? I just don’t get it. And that’s Iraq, where it should be do-able, but it’s not.

Syria is a whole other mess that doesn’t appear to have any solutions. Assad vs ISIS vs Al-Nusra vs Free Syrian Army vs this tribe vs that tribe vs US Coalition. How will this ever end? The only really feasible way I see it ending is if NATO, with Turkey in the lead, allied with this Free Syrian Army (in a support role) goes into Syria full-force and wipes out any who stand against it, including ISIS, Al-Nusra, & Assad. Then the UN can figure out how to transitionally govern the place. Is this going to happen? I doubt it. So, it’ll go on and on and on and on. A shame that Russia can’t play a constructive role in getting Assad out and working with UN to create a new, representative government the whole world can support and then together wipe out ISIS and the other terrorist, but, although it’s in everyone’s interest, I don’t see it happening. Ever.

Despair and the terrible plight goes on for all under ISIS’s terror.

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Pause for a moment…

Pretty pathetic that F1 can’t share more than $10mil on the 11th team. They claim to want more teams; help them get started, but then won’t part with anything to allow them to survive.

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Mirages in the desert

Joe sorts out the driver market and why Alonso is in a bad spot.

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Brawn and Domenicali join FIA’s Bianchi accident investigation

Glad to see Wurz and Fittipaldi on this panel and some other guys who know there stuff, like Roger Peart. And glad to see that Charlie Whiting is not on the panel, to avoid a conflict of interest.

Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

Ross Brawn, Stefano Domenicali and Emerson Fittipaldi are among the members of the FIA Accident Panel which has been formed to investigate the Jules Bianchi incident in Suzuka.

As previously announced, the Panel will be led by Peter Wright, who is Chairman of the FIA Safety Commission.

The FIA said today that “the group will carry out a full review of the accident to gain a better understanding of what happened, and will propose new measures to reinforce safety at circuits, with recommendations to be made for the FIA President. The work of the group will start this week and a full presentation of its findings is to be made at the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on 3 December 2014 in Doha, Qatar.”

In addition to Wright the full composition of the Panel, as outlined by the FIA, is as follows:

Ross Brawn, former Team…

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